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Help Wood County 4-H Provide Scholarships

Did you know the Wood County 4-H Leaders' Association provides funding for scholarships to local, state, regional, national, and international 4-H events, competitions and camps? Help the Wood County 4-H Leaders'  Association continue to offer this support by sharing the following fund-raisers that directly benefit Wood County and West Virginia 4-H!

  Growing Clovers - Please help us expand and enhance our 4-H programs.

GROWING CLOVER - this online fund-raising campaign allows members to share the link with friends and family. Donations of $10 will provide access to hundreds of discounts including a $100 travel voucher. Each donation will have a $3 membership fee added so that the entire $10 donation goes to support 4-H!  All you have to do is share this link via social media or email.

Share Growing Clover Campaign


JoAnn Fabrics Loves 4-H. Clovers for Kids. March 1-April 30. Help inspire kids to do for themselves and their communities. Give to 4-H Today.

JoAnn Fabrics – throughout the month of March and April, JoAnn Fabrics stores will have Clovers for Kids for sale at the register. Every $4 donation will provide the customer with a $4 coupon on any purchase of $10 or more. All funds donated come back to the county 4-H program!

  Tractor Supply 4-H image

Tractor Supply – the $1 Clover Campaign is going on 3/27/19 – 4/7/19 at our local Tractor Supply store. Show your support for Wood County 4-H by donating $1 at checkout! More information to come as the kickoff date approaches!