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Natural Resources News

Wildlife Alert: Unknown Bird Disease Outbreak

Reports of sick and dying birds have been reported in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia. The birds are infected with a pathogen that causes the birds’ eyes to swell and release a crusty discharge. Birds also present abnormal behavior and neurological problems. At this point, the cause has not been identified. 

Birds that congregate at feeders and water baths can spread avian diseases to other birds. 

Shiitake Workshops

Join us on May 26 or May 27 at 6 PM for an evening of learning how to grow your own shiitakes at home with Dr. Dave McGill, Forest Resources Extension Specialist. We are offering an evening workshop to learn how to cultivate shiitake mushrooms.

These gourmet mushrooms can be grown for personal use or as an enterprise. In this workshop, you will learn about mushrooms and how to inoculate logs. Workshop participants will be able to inoculate and take home a shiitake mushroom log. To reserve a space please complete the registration link Contact Evan Wilson with any questions. 

Shiitake mushrooms on a cutting board.

Wildlife Spotlight: Northern Saw-whet Owl

Northern Saw-whet owl

What does it take to shine a little light on a small, secretive owl? Well, according to recent national news headlines, the owl would have to be rescued from the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree to get some attention. A northern saw-whet owl was roosting in the Norway spruce that now sits in Rockefeller Center when it was cut down near Oneonta, New York. It survived the 170-mile journey to New York City and was discovered by a worker while setting up the tree for display.