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West Virginia Small Farm Advocate

Winter 2017

  • Food Production in West Virginia: The $8.3 Billion Opportunity
  • Red York - Mountaineer Apple
  • Is the Price Right?
  • Managing Cow-Calf Enterprise Finances
  • Management is the Key to Marketing
  • A Quick Course in Pasture and Grazing Management
  • Once a Patriot, Always a Patriot
  • Management of Leucostoma Canker of Stone Fruits
  • Managing Slugs
  • Census of Agriculture
  • Use of Warm Season Forages to Improve Management of Winter Feeding Areas
  • Tips for Good Marketing Photographs of Your Farm Products
  • Production Risk Management Tips
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Winter 2016

  • The Unprecedented Opportunity
  • Controlling the Dreaded Colorado Potato Beetle
  • Farm Succession and the Family
  • Replanting the Farm Following Natural
  • Gas Development
  • History’s Alive at the Jackson’s Mill Farmstead
  • A Kickstarted Dream
  • Oh My Aching . . .
  • Integrated Approach Key for Long Term Weed Control
  • Organic Methods of Plant Disease Management on Small Farms
  • Stocking Rate Affects Net Income and Drought Management
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Summer 2015

  • The New Face of Agritourism – Combining Agriculture, Entertainment, Education and Economics on the Farm
  • WV’s Food Economy Continues to Grow, Sometime in Leaps
  • Show Me the Slaw
  • Growing Our Future Farmers, Horticulturalists, Nutritionist in Putnam County
  • Local Foods: Big Business in Jefferson County
  • A Very Wet Summer
  • Forage Testing is Essential to Cost Effective Cattle Feeding
  • Building Farm Capacity in McDowell County Through Fruit and Vegetable Vouchers
  • Parchment Valley Veteran Therapeutic Program Holds First Training Retreat in Ripley, WV
  • Grant to Build School Foundation and Create Consistent Farm to School Program
  • Alderson Green Grocer: Going Back to Basics
  • Philippi Community Garden 
  • It’s All About Good Food
  • Lifetime Productivity of the Ewe Flock Starts with the Ewe Lamb
  • Managing Risk with the Farm Service Agency
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Winter 2013

  • Building our Food System Foundation
  • Getting Food from your Farm to Schools
  • Potomac Highlands Food & Farm Program
  • Farm Opportunities Day
  • What’s on the Menu for Farmers?
  • Ethnic Specialty Crops
  • Take the Cauliflower Challenge
  • Gardening Tips
  • Pasture Poultry for Profit
  • Winter Lice is Costing You Money
  • Ready, Set, Calve: Trying to Avoid Dystocia
  • 21st Century Plant Disease Management Tools
  • Add Some Tasty New and Interesting Things to Your Garden
  • Economic Possibilities of Local Meat
  • Wardensville Bull Evaluation Program
  • Fertility Checking Bulls Prior to Turnout
  • A Cheap Insurance Policy
  • Herd Health
  • Growing Bibb Lettuce
  • Dormant Pesticide Treatments
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