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Season 3, Episodes 26-30 - Energy Express on WVPB 

Monday, July 25, 2022, 9 a.m.  

We’re kicking off week six with a read-aloud of “The Earth Gives More” by Sue Fleiss. Read by Lauren Seiler, Director of Development at WVU Extension, and her son Henry, this story details the beauty that Earth has to offer. Next, Meshea Poore gives some great advice on how to deal with new beginnings. Then, we head to the kitchen with Angela Lawrence, a WVU Extension family and community development agent, to get a few tips on how to pack a healthy, balanced lunch for school. Next, a group of West Virginia 4-H’ers talks about how to explore and pursue career pathways in areas related to climate change. To finish off today, Kerri Carte is back to teach us how to make homemade popcorn with flavors even better than the pre-made kind.  


Tuesday, July 26, 2022, 9 a.m.  

Meshea Poore is back today to talk about service, one of WVU’s core values. Then, we meet WVU police officers Matt Carr and Roy Harper to walk through and explain elements on their cruisers and all the equipment they use on the job every day. We also catch up with Lt. Josh Cook, who introduces us to two very special members of the WVU Police Department, Nina and Ginger, his K-9 partners! Next, Sgt. Brock Armstrong talks about the department's most important duties and leads a tour of their office building. Armstrong even introduces us to some other members of the team along the way, including the first female Chief of Police at WVU, Sherry St. Clair.  


Wednesday, July 27, 2022, 9 a.m.  

Get ready to show those pearly whites because today we’re going to the WVU School of Dentistry! Third-year dental student Hunter Palmer and dental hygiene student Reese Prezioso give us some tips on keeping your teeth clean and preventing cavities. Then, dental student Blake Bachner explains all the sights and sounds at the dentist’s office. Then, we hop on over to talk about the sense of community with Meshea Poore. Next, we get to talk to the Mountaineer! Mary Roush answers some burning questions about being the Mountaineer mascot. Then, we head outside to hang out with the Wild Owens! WVU Extension wildlife specialist Sheldon Owen teaches us some cool facts about box turtles. Then, Alex Coffman, WVU Extension 4-H youth development agent, leads us through some breathing exercises to calm down and decompress. Switching over to the kitchen, Elizabeth Reynolds from the Family Nutrition Program shares a recipe for overnight oats to make the mornings quick and easy. 


Thursday, July 28, 2022, 9 a.m.  

Get those backpacks ready because we are headed back to school with 4-H! West Virginia 4-H’ers walk through the backpack essentials and how to deal with the first day of school jitters. Next, 4-H youth development agent Becca Fint-Clark and her daughter Rory lead an activity on creating vision boards and how to set goals. For this activity, you will need paper, markers, glue, scissors and magazines. Then, we roll the credits on the cast of everyone who appeared in Energy Express throughout the summer! To close out, we get a peek into some of host Zack Harold’s best dad jokes—there are some real gems! 

Friday, July 29, 2022, 9 a.m.  

Each Friday, we visit Miss Amie's farm for "Learn, Grow, Eat and Go." This week, our WVU Extension Family Nutrition Program health educator Amie Tutor teaches kids all about cucumbers and how they grow. For story time, she reads “The Reason for a Flower” by Ruth Heller. Next, FNP health educator Shannon Ritchie talks about what kind of exercise to do throughout the week, including strength training and cardio exercises. Then, we go back to the kitchen to make sunflower seed heads with Miss Amie. For this activity, you will need a white piece of paper, play dough, yellow construction paper, scissors and any type of seeds. After making cool art, FNP health educator Molly Poffenbarger teaches us how to make cucumber dip. For this recipe, you will need one cucumber, plain Greek yogurt, dried dill, salt, garlic and a lemon. 

And that brings us to the very end of Energy Express season 3! Thank you for joining us on a summer full of fun and learning.