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2021 Volunteer Professional Development Day - It Starts with Us: 4-H Volunteers Leading the Way

West Virginia Extension is proud to announce our first annual Volunteer Professional Development Day -  It Starts with Us: 4-H Volunteers Leading the Way! This event will be held on Saturday, April 10 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please join us for a day of celebration as we take a moment to say thank you for all you do to make West Virginia 4-H such a huge success! There will also be opportunities to connect with other 4-H Volunteers across the state and learn something new to help you GROW as a volunteer professional in West Virginia 4-H!

4-H member holding volunteer thank you note

Schedule at a glance:

  • 10 a.m. - Professional Development Day Overview, Icebreaker Activity, & Keynote Speaker
  • 11 a.m. - Concurrent Seminar Session #1 
  • 12 p.m. - Concurrent Roundtable Session #1 & #2
  • 12:30 p.m. - Lunch Break
  • 1 p.m. - Concurrent Roundtable Session #3 & #4
  • 1:30 p.m. - Message from Dean Atiles
  • 2 p.m. - Concurrent Seminar Session #2
  • 3 p.m. - Concurrent Seminar Session #3
  • 3:45 p.m. - Thank You 4-H Volunteers Presentation by West Virginia 4-H'ers

You do not have to attend the whole day, come for what you can or what you are interested in! See seminar and roundtable session descriptions below for more details about the concurrent sessions being offered during each time.

How do I register for this event?

There are a couple of ways to register for the event. If able, we encourage you to register in Zsuite. 

Register in 4-H ZSuite

If you are having trouble, then you may register for this event using this Qualtrics link.

The first 100 volunteers to register will receive a 4-H gift upon completion of their participation in the 4-H Volunteer Professional Development Day on Saturday, April 10th.

Seminar Descriptions

Seminar Session #1

Understanding Developmental Relationships with 4-H Youth 

Developmental relationships between youth and adults are an important aspect of youth development programs. Learn how to use the power of developmental relationships to help 4-H members thrive.  Session participants will develop and practice a common language that includes the five key elements of the developmental relationship framework. 

CS First & Scratch: Young and Old Can Learn to Code 

Computer coding can sound like a daunting subject.  Google created CSFirst and partnered with MIT Scratch to create a program that makes teaching and learning coding fun and easy. This session will demonstrate both platforms and introduce participants to block based coding. 

Compliance in the Age of COVID 

In the past, Volunteers have set thru Youth Compliance trainings focused on topics like Above Suspicion, Title IX, and Mandate Reporting; while knowledge of each of those remains vital when engaging youth, during COVID-19, Compliance includes understanding and enforcing the guidelines necessary to have in-person club meetings. 

4-H Programming & Fidelity- What’s Important? 

How does WVU Extension measure outcomes in youth programming? As a leader or teacher, you must always arrange your lesson plan based on the intended outcomes. In this session, you will learn how you can customize your lessons while making sure the intended outcomes are achieved. 

Seminar Session #2

Communicating with Teens: How to Be Bilingual

In this session, volunteers will learn successful tips for working with a teen audience. Participants will receive a pocket translator with resources for communicating with teens, advice from teens, and activities that have had success virtually and in person. 

Putting Health into 4-H: Opportunities for Education and Enrichment through the WV Family Nutrition Program 

Health is an integral part of the 4-H mission, but how do you make it part of your club in a way that is fun and effective? This session will explain the factors that influence children nutrition choices and ways to influence those behaviors. You will also learn about the many programs available through the WV Family Nutrition program.

Volunteer Toolbox to Build Successful 4-Hers

Participation in 4-H can play a critical role in helping members achieve post-secondary success. From education to farming to computer science, youth gain career skills from their 4-H experiences. As 4-H volunteer leaders, we can help members incorporate intentional career exploration into their 4-H activities and experiences. 

Opening Doors for Our Youth- Everyone Welcome

A self-assessment of how well we are doing helping all WV youth belong to 4-H. This interactive session will provide a tool for volunteers to begin the conversation of inclusion. 

Seminar Session #3

Understanding iGen: Implications for Best Practices in Youth Programming

The bestselling book iGen presents findings that describe today’s youth as super-connected, less rebellious, and more tolerant, but at the same time also less happy and unprepared for adulthood. Delve deeper into these national trends to better fit youth needs for your volunteer efforts. Discuss and share what is currently working for you! 

Being Mindful of Mindfulness! 

During this interactive session volunteers will learn about the 4-H GEM curriculum. We will explore together as we dive into this curriculum about an awareness and acceptance of stress management. This curriculum is ideal for members ages 10 and up! 

Global = Local: How to Use WVUES Global Citizenship Lessons with 4-H Audiences 

This workshop will look at helping to equip youth to appreciate different world cultures, be able to evaluate global issues and challenges and understand the inter-connectedness of global systems. Overall, these lessons aim to instill a deeper understanding of and appreciation for cultures and global issues within our communities. 

Making the Most of Making a Difference

How do you maximize the value of a service project?  What makes a good service project? Can a service project benefit a 4-H member well as the recipient?  How can the lessons learned stay with 4-H members long after the project is complete?   

Round Table Descriptions

Roundtable Session #1

WV 4-H Shooting Sports

Everything you ever wanted to know about the West Virginia 4-H Shooting Sports Program. In this Q and A session, volunteers will gain a better understanding of the six disciplines, volunteer training, competitions, camp, and ways to share shooting sports programming at club and county 4-H programs. 

Growth Mindset Matters

What is Growth Mindset and why is it important? How can we help youth build a Growth Mindset? Join me to find out! 

Let’s Cook! Starting a SPIN Club to Build Confidence in Youth

Many youth do not have some of the basic skills that youth had 60-70 years ago. Cooking for many comes from a box or bag or even a drive-thru and basic cooking feels too hard. Share with your youth that they CAN cook and make delicious foods they can afford. 

Roundtable Session #2

Take a Brain Break

Our brains learn in small pulses. Youth learners with about 15 minutes of direct instruction and adult learners do best with 25 minutes of direct instructions.  In this session, you will learn four simple brain breaks to use virtual or at a club meeting. 

My Dashboard

Remember learning to drive a car and beginning to understand all the information provided by the car's dashboard?  This roundtable will teach volunteers to guide participants in creating the dashboard for their life - a visual reminder to aid them in monitoring their progress on life's journey. 

Roundtable Session #3

Robert’s Rules of What?

During this short session we will learn about the use of the Motion Potion activity. During this program we will briefly talk about the rights and wrongs of our business meeting, as we make learning fun! By using the right wording and motions we will create our own snack! 

Engaging Youth in Virtual Meetings

Why reinvent the wheel when you don't have are some ideas on how 4-H Leaders and Volunteers in Harrison County are engaging youth in virtual meetings. This presentation will provide ideas for youth led activities, programs, and games. 

Roundtable Session #4 

Picture This: Engaging Youth in Local Places of Interest 

Picture This is a program that engages youth and families in better understanding local places of interest, local history and seeks to increase their engagement in the great outdoors. Conference attendees will learn how this program engages youth and families in local places of interest and local history.   

Building the Future Workforce - The Impact of 4-H

4-H participation positively impacts youths' development of workforce skills. This research report provides a quick overview of the work of the WVU Extension Post-Secondary Success Team; furthermore, it will help you understand why this information is important to you (as a club leader/volunteer), and how you can intentionally use this knowledge!