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WV 4-H Camp URL

Join us at Camp URL for online summer activities
in a fun, learning environment.

Learn about Camp URL

About Camp URL (You Are Linked)

An important part of the 4-H experience is making connections. Connecting with people, places and activities that provide our young people with valuable skills, life lessons, friendships, unique experiences and cultural awareness.

Although our traditional 4-H camps won’t take place in-person this year, WVU Extension Service’s 4-H Youth Development program will be connecting 4-H’ers via Camp URL (You Are Linked). There are activities, education and events geared toward all age groups. All of these activities are free to West Virginia youths.

Our Camp URL programs officially kick off June 15, 2020, but dates of camps will vary by county, so contact your county Extension agent for more info.

These activities will be a fun learning environment using online, at-home and self-paced formats to engage youths.

How will it work?

  • Each county will schedule events and activities for their customized Camp URL. Camp participants will have an opportunity to participate in online, at-home and self-paced activities.
  • Youths will have the opportunity to take part in traditional 4-H residential activities like virtual assemblies and service projects.
  • A young student learns about structures using toys.Our faculty and staff also have worked hard to bring youths educational and outreach opportunities such as:
    • STEM activities
    • Outdoor recreation
    • Virtual experiences
    • Arts and crafts
  • Camp URL participants will be able to earn virtual badges for completing head, heart, hands and health activities.
  • Individuals who meet all required activities will be eligible to receive a one-time, commemorative headband at the conclusion of the summer season.


For those 4-H’ers who are participating in charting activities, you will have the opportunity to engage in activities focused on self-reflection and development. We are prepared to offer charting courses for fulfillment of the requirements and with the ability to earn the charting pin. This special effort has been tailored to allow charters to participate and will remain true to the key components of the self-reflection and development that is essential to the charting course.


Registration will be completed using Zsuite. Contact your local WVU Extension 4-H agent for more information.

Connecting with 4-H’ers

We know that 4-H’ers are resilient and adapt to an everchanging environment. And while we will not be together in person this year, we’ll still be connecting through our favorite camp songs, showing our undeniable 4-H spirit and linking to activities that allow you to gain the unique experiences, leadership skills and lifelong friendships that make our 4-H program special. Most importantly, we’ll be bringing along the undeniable 4-H spirit that we all share.

We look forward to “seeing” you at Camp URL!