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2019 Wirt County Fair

Ninety-six 4-H and FFA exhibitors showed and sold animals at the 2019 Wirt County Fair. One hundred fifty-five animals were exhibited and sold. The barn was busting at the seams as we squeezed in temporary pens to fit all of the animals. This was another successful year for 4-H and FFA exhibitors. Glenn McFee donates sale proceeds  to WVU Medicine Children's in honor of his late sister, Lynlee McFee.

4-H'er poses for a picture

2019 Livestock Champions

Grand Champion Exhibitors
  • Market Steer - Katie Frazier
  • Feeder Steer - Mikaela Long
  • Replacement Heifer - Grace Wigal
  • Market Goat - Remy Cheuvront
  • Market Lamb - Malane Smith
  • Market Hog - Katie Frazier
  • Market Rabbit - Byron Long
Reserve Champion Exhibitors
  • Market Steer - Adeline Sims
  • Feeder Steer - Addie Bailey
  • Replacement Heifer - Kylee Blair
  • Market Goat - Emmett Paxton
  • Market Lamb - Coutrney Easton
  • Market Hog - Easton Wyer
  • Market Rabbit - Remy Cheuvront
4-H'er leads a black angus calf.

2019 Showmanship Champions

  • Beef
    • Beginner - Kamryn Carpenter
    • Intermediate - Payton McVey
    • Senior - Lance Sims
  • Swine
    • Beginner - Kinsley Nicolais
    • Intermediate - Harlee Williams
    • Senior - Jimmy Williams
  • Sheep
    • Beginner - Destiny Rogers
    • Intermediate - Kasie Jones
    • Senior - Courtney Easton
  • Goats
    • Beginner - Emmett Paxton
    • Senior - Remy Cheuvront
  • Rabbits
    • Beginner - Byron Long
    • Intermediate - Gracelyn Smith
    • Senior - Remy Cheuvront
Showmanship award checks are sponsored by the Wirt County 4-H Foundation and various generous donors. These donors included: A Slice of Life Photography, Ben and Jo Sims, Bob and Sharyn Sims, Carol Frame - Circuit Clerk, Chris Miller - Busy Bee Florist, Common Cents Consignment, Daniel and Brenda Metz, Dean and Kerry Cottrell, Derek Egbert, Doug and Kay Hill, Jake and Patty Morison, Janey Wigal, Jeremy and Ashley Bumgarner, Jeremy and Rachel March, Keith Wilson, Kimberly Adkins in memory of Rick Long, Lois Robinson, Mark and Shavonna Jones, Marolyn Baldridge - County Clerk, Nathan and Trena Carpenter, and White Oak Originals - Steph Dicks and Family. Thank you for all of the support for our youth!

Sale Summary

4-H'er leading white calf.

The 2019 Livestock Sale was a success. 109 buyers supported the youth by purchasing $198,077.25 worth of animals. Many of the buyers chose to donate their animals to various causes, such as the Wirt County Youth Livestock Program, 4-H, FFA, Mineral Wells Volunteer Fire Department and other Wirt County youth organizations.

2019 Wirt County Sale Summary

Grand and Reserve Champion Purchasers

Grand Champion Buyers
  • Market Steer - CNL Enterprise
  • Feeder Steer - Shamblin Brothers Farm Supply
  • Replacement Heifer - K&B Supply
  • Market Goat - Miriam Beall Vision Services
  • Market Lamb - Bruce Allen Pipeline
  • Market Hog - Elizabeth Piggly Wiggly
  • Market Rabbit - Cooper Construction
Reserve Champion Buyers
  • Market Steer - Stadium Denture
  • Feeder Steer - Dr. Jordan Beckett and D&A Auto
  • Replacement Heifer - Bruce Allen Pipeline
  • Market Goat - Kenneth & Sandy Bush
  • Market Lamb - Charles Little, House of Delegates
  • Market Hog - 21 Country Market and Pro Hardware
  • Market Rabbit - Sims Hydroponics

Wirt County youth honors late sister with donation to WVU Medicine Children's Hospital

Glen McFee

Over the past year, our community has become very familiar with the story of Lynlee McFee, a little girl who fought for her life but lost her battle to a rare cancer. On August 9, her memory was honored by her older brother, Glen McFee. 

Before the sale started on Friday evening, McFee made a decision to donate all of the proceeds from his two market hogs to  WVU Medicine Children's in memory of Lynlee. What happened on sale night was something he never expected. 

McFee entered the ring showing his first market hog weighing 235 pounds. John Workman, McFee's FFA advisor, explained to the bidders that the proceeds from this hog would be donated to the children's hospital in honor of Lynlee. Immediately bidders threw up their hands. Ultimately,  Cardinal Pharmacy purchased the hog for $15.50 per pound, totaling $3,642.50. As soon as the auctioneer announced “sold,” Cardinal Pharmacy announced they wanted to sell the pig again. 

Before the bidding started,  Jackson County Regional Livestock Market announced they wanted to add $200 to the price of the hog. This sparked more than 25 additional businesses and individuals to donate toward the cause. Donors included Ivan Banks, Wards Farm Supply, Dick's Market, Crossroads General Store, Jones Auction Service, Jones Services, Buck and Frances Ann Hickman, Nic and Sons Trucking, Larry and Marianne Siers, Bridgeport Equipment, Young's Farm, Tim and Charolette Blair, Jim and Paula Workman, Katelyn Jones, Fox Creek Garage, Harvest Moon Farm, Settle Logging, S&S Equipment, K&B Supply, C&L Trucking, Charles and Carole Cooper, Parkersburg Livestock Market, Kent Welding and a few anonymous donors.

Final donations totaled $5,100. The same pig was then sold to  Kent Welding for $1,645, who donated it to the  Mineral Wells Volunteer Fire Department

McFee re-entered the ring a short time later to sell his second hog. Once again, it was announced that the proceeds from this hog also would be donated to WVU Medicine Children's. The second hog, weighing 260 pounds, was purchased for $4 a pound by the Elizabeth Piggly Wiggly, totaling $1,040, and donated back to the Wirt County High School Band. Coplin Health donated an additional $700 toward this hog to be given to the hospital. 

McFee's hogs brought in more than $10,482. The entire proceeds of these two animals will be donated to WVU Medicine Children's to help construct the new children's hospital. McFee plans to have a plaque made that lists all the names of the donors and buyers to be showcased in the new facility.