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Wirt County 4-H Celebrates Achievements at Council Circle

On October 27, 2019, 4-H members, volunteers, and clubs were recognized for their achievements at an Open Council Circle held by the Wirt County 4-H Leaders' Association. 

Outstanding Volunteer

Kerry Cottrell serves as an outstanding leader for both the kids in here ever-growing community club and the youth of Wirt County. Kerry works to grow her club membership year after year by encouraging her members to participate in contests and events, organize community service projects, develop friendships, and further grow the club. Kerry is known for her constant upbeat attitude and willingness to serve others. Under her leadership, the Morristown Mountaineers 4-H Club has become the largest club in Wirt County. Kerry also lends a helping hand with fundraising for the leaders’ association and organizing county events. 4-H Youths and Volunteers in Wirt County are fortunate to have such a dedicate leader.

Outstanding Service 4-H All Star Award

Kelly Bordonada wears many different hats as she serves the Wirt County 4-H program. In her most involved role, she is the volunteer camp coordinator and spends over 200 hours each year assisting in planning, developing, and implementing Wirt County 4-H camp, which serves 65-95 youth annually. She also assists in leading the Wirt County 4-H Junior Leaders and helps advise and lead activities for the Wirt County 4-H Charting Group. Kelly is always careful to make sure youth voice is present and included in all of our programs.

Club Recognition

Outstanding Community Presence 

Morristown Mountaineers 4-H ClubThis club deserves special recognition for their outstanding community presence over the past year.  Whether it’s newspaper articles or participation in community service projects, this club’s leaders, volunteers and members are an ever-present force within our community.  

Red Ribbon Club

Two Runs Willing Workers 4-H Club This community 4-H club has several highlights over the past year including the highest project completion rate and highest camp attendance.  This club experienced membership growth and kept members interested with educational programs and community service projects.

Blue Ribbon Club

Pee Wee Go Getter’s 4-H Club - O ur blue ribbon 4-H club also featured several accomplishments over the past year including the highest meeting attendance percentage and the highest livestock show and sale participation percentage.  This club is activity in the community, completing several community service projects throughout the year and also features educational programming at nearly every meeting.  This club also had the most members participating in several of our county level events.  

Outstanding 4-H Members

Outstanding Boy - Brighton Robinson  has went above and beyond in service and leadership over the past year.  He has stepped up by assisting at 4-H Camp and our first ever Cloverbud Camp. Volunteers have recognized the leadership skills he has shown as well as his dedication and politeness.  Cloverbud campers noted him as being kind and a fun teen counselor.

Outstanding Girl - Maggie Bailey  is an involved club member, role model, and leader.  She has been recognized by fellow members as well as volunteers for her contributions at 4-H Camp, Cloverbud Day Camp, and the livestock show and sale.  Anytime another member needs a hand, she has quietly stepped in, never looking for recognition.  She is patient and kind to everyone, including younger members who look up to her.

State Contest Participation

State Photo Contest -  Austin Dille, Travis Dille, Rylee Hall, Brooklyn Smith, Gracelyn Smith, Tristen Smith, Dane Stephens, & Austin Wilson

State Poster Contest -  Kamryn Carpenter, Gracelyn Smith, & Brooklyn Smith

4-H Project Work

4-H Project Pins are awarded to the highest scoring individuals in a project area.  To be eligible for a project work pin, the member must have submitted their project book on time, submitted a complete activity record, and scored at least a 90 overall in their book. Below are the winners of project pins for 2019. 

  • Beef (Beginner) - Peyton Dye
  • Beef (Intermediate) - Rylee Hall
  • Swine (Beginner) - Destiny Hugh
  • Swine (Intermediate) - Skylar Hutchinson
  • Swine (Advanced) - Chance Hupp
  • Lambs (Intermediate) - Harley Boyce
  • Lambs (Advanced) - Kasie Jones
  • Rabbits (Intermediate) - Abby Deaton, Jackie Cheuvront, and Gracelyn Smith
  • Rabbits (Advanced) - Brooklyn Smith
  • Dog - Addison Stutler
  • Vet Science - Courtney Casto
  • Spring Wildflowers - Destiny Hupp
  • Magic of Electricity - Peyton Dye
  • Measuring Up - Holden Siers
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Nicole Bailey
  • Take the Bait - James Williams and Peyton Dye
  • Tree Identification - Lyndsey Powell
  • Getting to Know Your State - Austin Wilson
  • First Aid and Safety - Charles Wells
  • Cooking - Dane Stephens and Emily Cottrell
  • Photography - Brooklin Mills
  • This is 4-H - Brooklin Mills

Member Recognition

Cloverbud Completion

Colt Martin, Trapper Boyce, Aiden Ludwig, Easten Larrison, Garrett Sharp, and Sarah Logan

5 Year Membership Award

Skylar Bunch, Brianna Canterbury, Jackie Cheuvront, Hunter Hall, Kylie Henry, Chance Hupp, Kasie Jones, Isabella March, Allyson Nicolais, Brighton Robinson, Baylee Sims, Gracelyn Smith, Aaron Stutler, Cole Wager, Grace Wigal, Austin Wilson, and Cole Winnell

10 Year Membership Award

Emily Cottrell, Sydney Siers, Brooklyn Smith, Kassandra Starcher, and Troya Browning

Volunteer Recognition

First Year Volunteer

Ashley Bumgarner, Kathy Deaton, Linda DeVries, Debbie Evans, Chris Long, Cassie Mason, Bobbi Moore, and Chris Speece

Fifth Year Volunteer

Jill Bumgarner, Kerry Cottrell, Sharalyn Robinson, Angela Smith, and Rory Smith

Tenth Year Volunteer

Heather Hall, Kristin Reeder, and Cathy Watkins