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Wirt County 4-H Gains Three New All Stars

Wirt County 4-H Volunteers are essential to making each 4-H member have a positive and safe educational experience.  While we often recognize the accomplishments of our youth, we don’t always take the time to recognize the work and dedication of our volunteers. The West Virginia 4-H All Stars organization recognizes the hard work of volunteers by awarding the highest honor in 4-H, the All Star pin.

On September 21, 2019, three deserving volunteers were recognized with this honor at the West Virginia 4-H Volunteer Leader’s Weekend.  The event took place at Jackson’s Mill, the state 4-H camp ground. Inductees were (pictured left to right) Kerry Cottrell, Mike Bumgarner, and Angie Smith.

Three Wirt County 4-H volunteers sit on Council Circle Rock at Jackson's Mill after being pinned. 

Kerry Cottrell serves as an outstanding leader for both the kids in her ever-growing community club and the youth of Wirt County. Kerry works to grow her club membership year after year by encouraging her members to participate in contests and events, organize community service projects, develop friendships, and further grow the club. Kerry is known for her constant upbeat attitude and willingness to serve others. Under her leadership, the Morristown Mountaineers 4-H Club has become the largest club in Wirt County. Kerry also lends a helping hand with fundraising for the Leaders Association and organizing county events. 4-H Youths and Volunteers in Wirt County are fortunate to have such a dedicate leader.

Paul "Mike" Bumgarner has been a volunteer with the Wirt County 4-H program in one way or another for over fifty years. From his early days as a counselor and 4-H parent to now serving as the President of our county's 4-H camp, Camp Barbe, he has always put the needs of youth in the county first. In 2003, Mike was instrumental in the construction of our current camp dormitory which can hold up to 120 beds for our campers and staff. Since it's construction, Mike has helped raise funds for the upkeep and repair of issues at the dorm. Mike can be found lending a helping hand wherever it's necessary for both 4-H and FFA programs in Wirt County.

Angela “Angie” Smith is a dedicated 4-H volunteer who embodies the principles of service found in a true leader. She spends countless hours each year in various 4-H activities including ordering and preparing meals for camp, assisting with our youth livestock clinic, and coordinating efforts in her children's community club. Angie's cheerful attitude and upbeat personality put smiles on the faces of campers every day during Wirt County 4-H camp. Her leadership, work ethic, and service-minded attitude provides an example for not only her own four children to follow, but all of the members of the Wirt County 4-H program.

John Jones was also accepted into the 4-H All Stars and will receive his award at a later time. Two other volunteers from Wirt County attended Volunteer Leaders Weekend, Bob and Sharyn Sims. 

The West Virginia 4-H All Stars program recognizes volunteers who have served for at least 5 years and have made a significant impact on the county 4-H program. Each of the individuals recognized above are well-deserving of this award.