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2018 Wirt County Achievement Night

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Wirt County 4-H members celebrated accomplishments in contests, projects and leadership on Saturday, September 29, 2018, at the annual achievement night.

Congratulations to all award recipients in each area and thanks to everyone for entering.

County Roundup

  • 4-H Pledge Contest Junior Division: Isabella Speece (1st), Mariah King (2nd), and Kamryn Carpenter (3rd)
  • 4-H Pledge Contest Senior Division: Debra Kelley (1st)
  • Visual Presentation Contest Junior Division: Audrey Cyran (1st) Travis Dille (2nd), Hailey Noland (3rd)
  • Senior Division Public Speaking: Kasey Starcher (1st)
  • Senior Division Digital Presentation: Mia Sutton (1st), Debra Kelley (2nd), Austin Dille (3rd)

State Recognition

  • Virtual State 4-H Day: Issabella Speece received a participation award.
  • State 4-H Poster Contest: Ally Nicolais, Grace Wigal, Peyton Dye, and Brooklyn Smith
  • State Photo Contest: Austin Dille, Travis Dille, Kasie Jones, Brooklyn Smith, Austin Wilson
  • State Writing Contest: Brooklyn Smith

County Awards

  • Wirt County 4-H Foundation Scholarship: Courtney Casto and Isabella March
  • Blue Ribbon Club: Newark Shining Stars
  • Red Ribbon Club: PeeWee Go Getters
  • Outstanding County 4-H Members: Brooklyn Smith and Charles Wells

Project Awards


  • Blue Ribbon Recipients: Mikayla Bailey, Harley Boyce, Grant Boyce, Remington Cheuvront, Travis Dille, Peyton Dye, Rylee Hall, Kylie Henry, Chance Hupp, Ashton Lockhart, Allyson Nicolais, Wyatt Nulton, Baylee Sims, Colten Smith, and Emily Young
  • Project Completers: Troya Browning, Thomas Canterbury, Remington Cheuvront, Payton McVey, and Wyatt Nulton
  • Achievement Pin Recipients: Remington Cheuvront, Travis Dille, Rylee Hall, Allyson Nicolais, and Colton Smith


  • Blue Ribbon Recipients: Alexis Starcher, Avery Reeder, Braden Whipkey, Cassidy McFee, Cole Wager, Corbin Lucky, Hailey Noland, Harlee Williams, Holden Siers, Jackson Reeder, Jimmy Williams, Kasey Starcher, Kyle Logan, Lexi Smith, Mariah King, Matthew White, Rilynn Dye, Rylee Noland, Sara Clark, Skylar Hutchinson, Tyler Smith, and Zane Reeder
  • Project Completers: Skylar Hutchinson, Kevin Lockhart, Grady McFee, Hailey Noland, Jackson Reeder, Zane Reeder, Matthew White, Harlee Williams, Jimmy Williams, and Cole Winnell
  • Achievement Pin Recipients: Hailey Noland, Rylee Noland, Corbin Lucky, Jackson Reeder, and Braden Whipkey


  • Blue Ribbon Recipients: Allyson Nicolais, Amelia Nulton, Brooklyn Smith, Cayley Cox, Gracelyn Smith, Kasie Jones, and Tristen Smith
  • Project Completers: Brooklyn Smith
  • Achievement Pin Recipients: Gracelyn Smith and Brooklyn Smith


  • Blue Ribbon Recipients: Jacklyn Cheuvront, Remington Cheuvront, Abby Deaton, Travis Dille, Byron Long, Brooklyn Smith, and Gracelyn Smith
  • Project Completers: Jacklyn Cheuvront, Travis Dille, and Brooklyn Smith
  • Achievement Pin Recipients: Jacklyn Cheuvront, Remington Cheuvront, and Byron Long


  • Blue Ribbon Recipients: Cayley Cox and Courtney Easton
  • Achievement Pin Recipients: Courtney Easton


  • Blue Ribbon and Achievement Pin Recipient: Addison Stutler

Dairy Goat

  • Blue Ribbon and Achievement Pin Recipient: Destiny Hupp

Veterinary Science

  • Blue Ribbon and Project Completers: Courtney Casto and Kelsey Moore
  • Achievement Pin Recipient: Courtney Casto


  • Blue Ribbon and Achievement Pin Recipient: Peyton Dye


  • Blue Ribbon and Achievement Pin Recipient: Holden Siers


  • Blue Ribbon and Achievement Pin Recipients: Emma Wyer and Charles Wells
  • Achievement Pin Recipient: Charles Wells


  • Blue Ribbon and Achievement Pin Recipients: Kolton Toler

Sports Fishing

  • Blue Ribbon Recipients: Troya Browning, Chaz Burns, Peyton Dye, and Lance Sims
  • Achievement Pin Recipients: Troya Browning

Plant Science

  • Blue Ribbon, Project Completer, Achievement Pin Recipient: Nicole Bailey


  • Blue Ribbon and Achievement Pin Recipients: Skylar Bunch

Outdoor Adventures

  • Blue Ribbon Recipients: Aaron Stutler and Matthew White
  • Project Completers and Achievement Pin Recipients: Matthew White


  • Blue Ribbon Recipients: Samantha Burns, Jacklyn Cheuvront, Emily Cottrell, Austin Dille, Haley McKown, Kaelyn Robinson, Kelli Shearlock, and Mia Sutton
  • Project Completers: Haley McKown and Samantha Burns
  • Achievement Pin Recipients: Emily Cottrell and Mia Sutton

Sewing and Crafts

  • Blue Ribbon and Achievement Pin Recipients: Abby Deaton


  • Blue Ribbon Recipients and Project Completer: Trevor Jones and Lyndsey Powell
  • Achievement Pin Recipients: Trevor Jones


  • Blue Ribbon, Project Completer and Achievement Pin Recipient: Abby Deaton

This is 4-H

  • Blue Ribbon Recipients and Project Completers: Kylee Boggs, Kamryn Carpenter, Audrey Cyran, Peyton Due, Rilynn Dye, Remington Harvey, Mariah King, Byron Long, Channing Lowe, Chase Lowe, Paige Lucky, Kinsley Nicolais, Kelli Shearlock, Lexi Smith, Tyler Smith, Issabella Speece, and Kolton Toler
  • Achievement Pin Recipients: Kamryn Carpenter

Membership Recognition

  • Five Year Membership: Kevin Lockhart, Grady McFee, Avery Reeder, Grace Wigal, Jimmy Williams, Emily Young
  • Ten Year Membership : Colton Smith

Leadership Recognition

  • First Year Volunteers: Sandra Dooley and Kristi Wilson
  • Ten Year Volunteers: Bob Sims

West Virginia Chapter of 4-H All Stars Nominees

  • Lacey Bourgeois, Courtney Casto, Kerry Cottrell, Kristin Reeder, and Robert "Bob" Sims