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Quality Assurance Training now Available for Wirt County 4-H and FFA Members

Quality assurance training is now available online! If you need to complete or renew your quality assurance certificate, please do so by June 15, 2018. Requirements for completing the training are below.

All 4-H/FFA members are required to complete the online training program when:

  1. They first enroll in a 4-H or FFA livestock project.
  2. They reach each 4-H age division. Ages will be calculated as of January 1 of the current year.
    Age divisions are as follows:
    • Junior—ages 8-10
    • Intermediate—ages 11-13
    • Seniors—ages 14-18
  3. An intermediate/senior is enrolled in a project with a species for which they have not been previously trained.

NOTE: Members will be automatically taken to the appropriate level according to the birth date entered on the registration screen

Complete Your Training Online

If you have questions regarding whether or not you need the training, please contact the Extension Office by calling 304-275-3101.