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Spring Seed Starting

Tomato seedlings.

When it comes to starting plants from home, the first step is starting with good, quality clean seed. This seed should be acquired from reputable seed supplier. If you decided to keep seed from last year's crop, these seed may have been harvested from hybrids that may not give produce as well as the parent plants. When selecting seeds from a well-respected supplier, it is recommended to select hybrid seeds as the often give more uniformity and better vigor along with resistance against a host of concerns. Read the seed package for specific growing instructions.

The ideal time to plant may range from one to three months for indoor before it is safe to transplant to the outdoor environment. Place the seed a good germinating medium that is free of insects, disease and weed seeds. A good germinating mixtures should consist of peat moss, vermiculite, superphos phate and ground limestone.  A general rule of thumb is planting the seeds at a depth of twice their diameter and lightly cover with the growing medium. 

The 2020 Garden Calendar provides ideal dates to sew different types of plants.