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Beal joins WVU Extension Service as 4-H agent in Barbour County

Sabrina Beal headshot

A new face joins the West Virginia University Extension team as a 4-H youth development agent.

Sabrina Beal, a native of Rockwood, Pennsylvania, combines her education and experience with a passion for 4-H to drive success in her career. She hopes to broaden available opportunities for youths in Barbour County.

“I’m passionate about my work. Prior to this job, I was a 4-H extension agent for the University of Tennessee, and I loved the role and working with youth.”

Beal’s education and extracurriculars are rooted in the agriculture industry. She attended Morehead State University where she received a Bachelor of Science in agribusiness in 2016 and later ventured north to complete master’s degree in agriculture leadership, education and communication from the University of Tennessee in 2019.

“We’re lucky to have someone who has had a lifetime of involvement in 4-H programs. I am excited to see how Sabrina is going to shape and grow the program.” said  Brent Clark, program director, WVU Extension 4-H Youth Development.

Beal plans to tackle a few initial goals as she makes her mark on the program. She intends to continue programs already in place while monitoring what changes could be made to help advance the local 4-H program. Her top priority is making sure that young people in the community have opportunities to access well-rounded programs that will lead them to joining 4-H.

“I want to continue the programs that are already here and see if they need adjustments to make them better. I also want focus my efforts on county needs and make sure I am meeting those needs with my programs.”

In a role where creating and maintaining relationships is a must, Beal said the most important skill she has is communication.

“In my previous position as an agent, I definitely learned that communication is the most important skill to have in this profession because you are continuously working with a diverse group of community members, whether it’s youth or other extension agents and state leaders. Open and honest communication is always the key.”

Looking ahead, Beal said she plans to achieve some personal long-term goals including advancing her education to provide more opportunities in her programs.

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