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West Virginia 4-H Rocks!

What is the purpose of the West Virginia 4-H Rocks Project?

To allow the opportunity to showcase 4-H members’ creativity and artistic abilities, as well as encourage West Virginia tourism and 4-H promotion.

Who can participate?

Individual 4-H members, 4-H alumni, community members, 4-H clubs, 4-H parents, and volunteers. The goal is to have fun and spread joy, so we encourage everyone to participate!


4-H members from around the state are encouraged to take part in the West Virginia 4-H Rocks! project. Kicking off during National 4-H Week, but occurring throughout the 2017-18 4-H Year, members are encouraged to paint various designs related to 4-H, West Virginia, and West Virginia University on rocks. Members will then hide these rocks within their counties, state, or even throughout the nation.

The planning team requests that specific labels are stuck to the painted rocks or the information on the labels is painted on each rock. Labels are available through Becca at the Extension Office. This label will direct those who find the hidden rocks to visit the Facebook page “WV 4-H Rocks” ( or search @wv4hrocks) and post a photo of their found rock and where it was located. We will post 4-H promotional information on the Facebook page and encourage those who found a rock to either re-hide it or paint a new one to replace it.

The planning team also requests that, if space allows to place a hashtag with the county name to also determine which counties are participating i.e. #Ohio, #Monongalia, #Taylor. This will allow the opportunity to track which county hid the rock and how far the rocks travel.


It is illegal to take rocks from National Wildlife Refuge areas and state parks- keep this in mind when hiding and finding rocks.

Do not enter private property or take rocks from someone’s landscaping.

Do not hide a rock on private or business property without permission.

Tips on Painting/Finishing Rocks:

Patio acrylic paint works best- can also use permanent markers and paint markers.

Utilize UV resistant sealant or decoupage. Make sure that the paint is dry before sealing the rock.

Attach the label to the rock prior to sealing it.