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Jefferson County Energy Express

Energy Express is a summer reading program for children entering 1st through 6th grades. Energy Express is a free program that focuses on continuing literacy education throughout the summer months through art, writing, and drama activities. Although it may look a little different this year, we are still planning to offer the program.

At Energy Express you will:

  • Make new friends.
  • Express yourself through art, writing, and drama activities.
  • Get a book to keep each week.
  • Spend time with a college student mentor.


Apply for the Energy Express program!

Complete a Child Application

NOTE: Additional details will be provided, as they are available. (Child applications taken until all spots are filled, child selection is based on a variety of criteria. There are a limited amount of spots for the program and admittance is not guaranteed).

Want to donate to help Energy Express?

  • Buttons and beads – jewelry making for costumes, collage, sculpture, puppets
  • Clothesline and clothespins – to create display/drying area
  • Containers (cardboard containers, plastic cottage cheese or yogurt containers, margarine bins) – for all kinds of storage, drums, musical rattles
  • Cotton balls – used to blend chalk drawings, collage
  • Cupcake paper liners
  • Empty cereal, cracker, shoe boxes – book covers
  • End rolls of newsprint (from newspaper offices) –murals, writing big stories
  • Feathers – used to paint, collage, sculpture
  • Flour – papier-mâché
  • Foam egg cartons – for paint containers/palette
  • Foam meat trays (disinfect with water and bleach!) – palettes for painting
  • Large appliance boxes – private reading spots, buildings, cars, castles
  • Magazines with lots of pictures – collage, illustrations—appropriate titles
  • Newspapers – preparing spaces for making art, stuffing paper bag sculpture
  • Packing material (foam peanuts or shredded paper) – collage, sculpture
  • Paper bags (all sizes) for masks, personal storage, sculpture
  • Paper plates
  • Paper towel or toilet paper tubes for sculpture, cardboard box construction
  • Plastic buckets with lids – for storing items
  • Plastic grocery bags
  • Plastic rings from soft drink packs – bubble making, collage
  • Sand – sand painting, casting plaster of Paris
  • Shower curtains or old sheets – drop cloths
  • Shredded paper (used for stuffing)
  • Socks and pantyhose – puppets
  • String, thread, yarn, spools – mobiles, collage, spools for puppets or sculpture
  • Textured fabrics and other materials (wool, leather, silk, netting, flannel, plastic, bark, velvet, sandpaper, screening) – collage, costume making, puppets
  • Used file folders – bookmaking, portfolios
  • Wallpaper sample books – for decorating book covers, collage
  • Wrapping paper, freezer paper, or butcher paper drawing, painting, collage