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Health in a SNAP

An FNP nutrition educator administers a CARDIAC screening at an elementary school.

An Family Nutrition Program nutrition educator administers a CARDIAC screening at an elementary school.

Each year, FNP nutrition educators assist in Coronary Artery Risk Detection in Appalachian Communities Project (CARDIAC) screenings at schools in 17 West Virginia counties. They collect students height, weight, blood pressure and perform visual screenings for Children who are identified as overweight or obese through CARDIAC screenings are eligible to participate in the Health in a SNAP program.

As part of Health in a SNAP, families can choose to receive up to three, 30-minute sessions with a registered dietician via phone or Skype call. Dieticians help parents evaluate their child’s lifestyle and identify ways to improve their eating and exercise habits. Families also may join a nutrition education class taught by FNP educators. Health in a SNAP participants receive up to $100 in fresh fruits and vegetables, either in the form of farmers market vouchers or a box of fresh produce delivered to their door, whichever option best meets their family’s needs.

In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, FNP health educators and WVU Extension Service agriculture and natural resources agents also provide Health in a SNAP families with home gardening education and support to help them grow their own fruits and vegetables.

Health in a SNAP is funded through the Eye Foundation of America.

To enroll in Health in a SNAP, contact Kristin McCartney at 304-356-1310 or