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Safety Certifications

Become a Certified Safety Specialist (CSS) and a Certified Safety Trainer (CST)

Program Features

  • National Resource Center-OSHA Region III Training Center Programs
  • Content is based largely on nationally recognized OSHA Education Center numbered courses and industry driven subject matter delivered by recognized faculty with applied perspective.
  • Participants receive individual certificates for each course completed.
  • Comprehensive program certificates and office plaques are awarded once all requirements are met.
  • Graduates will be listed in our Who's Who page of certificate program graduates.
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are given for the courses which may fulfill continuing education requirements for specific professions.
  • Become an OSHA Authorized Instructor
  • Become an IADC RigPass/SafeLandUSA and Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness Instructor

WVU Safety & Health Extension is excited to announce the development of three industry specific certificate programs. Participating students will have the opportunity to select a course track of General Industry, Construction or Oil and Gas and receive a corresponding Safety Specialist designation.

Upon graduation of the Certified Safety Specialist Program the student has the opportunity to enroll in the Certified Safety Trainer Program. All students will receive access to the WVU-SHE student portal, an aid in keeping track of progress within the program.

Please choose an industry to view required courses for graduation:

Enrollment is Easy

Complete our online form below and submit a $25.00 fee. It’s that simple!

Use the following link to enroll in the Certified Safety Specialist (CSS) Program:
Apply for Certified Safety Specialist Program

Use the following link to enroll in the Certified Safety Trainer (CST) Program:
(Must have completed the Certified Safety Specialist to enroll) Apply for Certified Safety Trainer Program