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West Virginia State Fire School

December 1-3, 2017
Court Yard by Marriot
Morgantown, West Virginia

The West Virginia State Fire School is returning this year to ensure that West Virginia’s firefighters, from volunteer to full-time, get the most up-to-date training and certifications to keep their towns and communities safe. Best of all, it’s free to those firefighters that meet individual class prerequisites.

Hosted and organized by the West Virginia University Fire Service Extension, the school runs from Friday, Dec. 1 to Sunday, Dec. 3 and will take place in the Morgantown area. Organizers claim the school is an opportunity for growth for all firefighters, with classes that cover everything from self-contained breathing apparatus to helicopter firefighting.


SCBA Emergencies, Confidence Course & RIT (Hands-On)
December 2 and 3

Instructor: Captain Ray Canafax, Huntington Fire Department
Prerequisites: FF 1 -2 or equivalent.
PPE: Full-turnout and SCBA plus spare bottle.

Learn how to handle emergencies while in your SCBA and increase your confidence for working in SCBA. No Juniors. 

Advanced Structural Firefighting Operations (Hands-On)
December 2 and 3

Instructor: Battalion Chief Micah Kiger, Loudon County Fire Department
Prerequisite: FF1-2 or equivalent.
PPE: Full-turnout and SCBA plus spare bottle.

Learn much more than you were taught in FF1-2. Including ventilations, second floor entries and other advanced skills. No Juniors. 


Rural Water Movement and Supply Operations (Hands-On)
December 2 and 3

Instructor: Jason Estep, Morrisvale Volunteer Fire Department
Prerequisites: Valid Driver’s License, Tanker (if possible)
PPE: Full turnout gear

Learn rural water movement from the national expert, class is taught at FDIC.


Haz-Mat Tech Refresher (Hands-On)
8 Hours Friday, December 1; will run all 3 days with enough students

Instructor: Matt Reed, Bridgeport Fire Department
Prerequisites: HazMat Tech
PPE: Full turnout gear and SCBA plus spare bottle.

Update your HazMat skills on the Academy’s newest state-of-the-art hazmat tank training prop. (8 hours Friday, December 1, but will run all 3 days with enough students).  

Confined Space Rescue (Hands-On)
16 Hours December 2 and 3

Instructor: Deputy Chief Brian Grieco, Huntington Fire Department
Prerequisites: Must have 2013 CORE Class or equivalent.
PPE: NFPA Helmet with chinstrap, leather gloves, leather boots, eye protection and SCBA with spare bottle.

Learn about operations in confined spaces on mobile confined space trainer. No Juniors.  


Fire Department Management
8 Hours Saturday, December 2; will run again Sunday with enough students

Instructor: Tom Miller, Instructor SMP&G Volunteer Fire Department

How to manage a modern volunteer fire department in West Virginia.


Helicopter Firefighting (Hands-On)
8 Hours Friday, December 1;  will run December 2 and 3 with enough students

Instructor: Ralph McNemar, WVU-FSE ARFF Commander/Program Coordinator
Prerequisites: FF1-2 or equivalent.
PPE: Full turnout and SCBA plus spare bottle.

Learn fire techniques used to battle helicopter fire on West Virginia’s only helicopter fire prop. No Juniors.


Legal Issues for Non-Profit Organizations
16 Hours December 2 and 3

Instructor: Steve Connolly Esq., Deputy Secretary of State of West Virginia
Prerequisites: None

Avoiding liability, handling state and federal filing requirements and avoiding conflicts.


Pro-Board Fire Officer 1 & 2 Challenge
Will run all 3 days

Proctor: Lanny Adkins, WVU-FSE Program Coordinator
Prerequisite Pro-Bd FF2 and Pro-Bd Instructor 1.

Directions to where specific classes will be held will be given out in morning briefing which will be at 0800hrs all three days at Court Yard by Marriot, 460 Courtyard Street, Morgantown, WV 26501. It is located adjacent to the WVU/Mon County Baseball Stadium.